The Farmer's Arms

‘good stabling with meal and water’

Burnage Lane was a busy trade route, originally used to bring salt from Cheshire into the centre of Manchester, and cotton from the mills back out. Farmers would have also used the route for trade and Hyde Fold Farm, just off Burnage Lane, was ideally placed to access this busy thoroughfare. Tradesmen travelling along the route would have required a place to get refreshments and rest themselves and their horses. The Farmer's Arms provided both of these things.

The Farmer’s Arms has been a village pub for over 100 years. It wasn’t licensed and was advertised as ‘good stabling with meal and water’.

Around the back of the Farmer’s Arms are the remains of an old stable block. Weary travellers could rest in the pub while their horses were safe here. They used to have a pretty impressive clock on display, which has now sadly been removed. The clock came from the original Manchester Royal Infirmary which was in Piccadilly. When it was torn down in 1909, the large clock face was bought by the landlord of the Farmer's Arms.

The title image shows a drinks bottle, stamped with the words 'Farmers Arms Hotel, Burnage'.