Burnage Academy Takeover – A Walk Down Burnage Lane

On 25th November, a group of year sevens from Burnage Academy for Boys joined us on a history walk and wrote blogs about what they learnt. Here is a selection of information they wrote about the history of Burnage Lane.

Burnage House

Sinclair Pearn invented the Donkey Pump, which made him rich and he could afford this massive house. This picture shows me how different Burnage was from now. It also shows me how Burnage has changed over the years.

Shawbrook Lodge

Mr. Bacon was a chairman for the Bridgewater canal company, the Bridgewater canal runs through the centre of Manchester and you can go down it. He helped with the ship trade in England. Mr Bacon made his fortune since ship trade was very profitable at the time of the Industrial Revolution. His house was located in Burnage.

Shawbrook Villa

This was the textile factory Charles Ling’s was a Partner in. This was a huge factory, it produced lots of smoke that polluted the air. Charles Lings wanted to live away from the polluting smoke, so he moved to Burnage in the 1860’s, which was cleaner than the factory air. Charles Lings could also see his factory from his home in Burnage as the land was very flat and rural.

A brook was near the house hence the name Shawbrook.

Hyde Fold

This is Hyde Fold farm. In the front of the farm there is a step to get on your horse or get in your carriage.

John Bibby had 8 children and they worked on this large farm. On the farm he grew crops also took care of animals like: cows, pigs, horses, chickens, sheep. His farm was located in Burnage and it was named Hyde Fold.

The farm was replaced in the modern day with rail way line and then houses.

Corporation Estate

This is the map of Errwood road. The soldiers needed houses desperately when they came back from World War 1, which happened in 1914 to 1918.They made a big sacrifice for the people and got nothing in return. people thought the houses were really good because it had electricity, water and toilets so they did not have to share their toilets with other families. This was a massive change because the houses were residential and they were for rent.

Thank you to all the students at Burnage Academy for their fantastic blogging!