Arbor Drive

The 1930 Greenwood Act encouraged councils to demolish poor quality inner-city housing 'slums'. A site between Avon Road and Arbor Drive, originally reserved for a library became earmarked for housing for relocating people from condemned housing in Collyhurst, West Gorton, and St. Clements (behind Piccadilly Station). There was a sense of division, with existing tenants looking down their noses at those moved from these areas. The O’Shea family were moved from Longsight into Avon Road. You can see the difference in the living environment in these two photographs, the first taken in their garden on Avon Road, the second in the ginnel in Longsight (with thanks to Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives for the images).

Today families are continuing to move to the area, but from much further afield. Do you live in Burnage? Where did you move from? Tweet us @burnagehome to let us know.