Party Like it’s 1959

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Burnage Community Centre and we felt this was something which needed celebrating in true 1950s style.

The building was erected almost 30 years after the Burnage Community Association had formed as a way of organising social activities for the new community who had been brought together in the newly built Burnage Corporation Housing Estate. The Association organised lectures, youth events and dramatic performances. They had resided in Shawbrook Lodge for some years but were then moved on and were in need of a new home where they could host events.

The Manchester Corporation gave money for a new building which was added to by funds raised in the community and in 1959 the Community Centre was built.

At 4pm on 12th July 2019 we were greeted by a queue of eager dancers dressed in fantastic dresses, shiny shoes and head bands galore. After a cup of tea and a plate of delicious sandwiches from local bakery Martin’s, it was time to get on the dancefloor.

We couldn’t believe how many of our guests knew all of the dance moves and felt a little ashamed at our lack of expertise! But sequence caller Marjorie Alcock got us all involved, directing the steps and helping us when we put the wrong foot forward or started to hop in the wrong direction

It was such fun and the dance floor didn’t empty until it was time to cut the anniversary cake (again courtesy of Martin’s bakery!)

As well as the food and dancing, we had a small exhibition telling the history of the Burnage Community Association, the story of the building and the personal stories of the people who’ve kept this place going through amateur dramatics, baby and toddler groups and now Burnage Good Neighbours.

How have you been involved in the Burnage Community? Did you perform in shows at the Community Centre? Did you have your own youth or social group? Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to hear yours! Get in touch at to share your memories and help us to understand more about the fantastic history of Burnage.

And finally, a little video of us trying our moves…